Two player puzzler game where you embark on a journey alongside your companion, be they friend or stranger when you start out.

No Cat Left Behind

Work together in order to solve puzzles and boost each other across obstacles - it may just change your perspective.


Player 1

A - Move Left

S - Crouch

D  - Move Right

SPACE / Left SHIFT - Jump

Player 2

Left Arrow -  Move Left

Right Arrow - Move Right

Down Arrow - Crouch

CTRL - Jump


The Team

Abhinav Prasad        Programmer, Level Designer, Puzzle Design

Chi Hong Chao          Programmer, Level Designer, Puzzle Design

Samir Aoun                  Programmer, Puzzle Designer, Level Design

Julia Flising                  User Experience, Puzzle Designer

Natasha Mangan      Programmer, Puzzle Tool Designer

Timothée Engel          Programmer, Character Designer


  • Unity3D Game Engine
  • Corgi Engine
  • Epic Toon FX
  • Fungal Grotto
  • Mossy Cavern
  • Ultimate Game Music Collection
  • Catset

Contact Information


Download 72 MB

Install instructions

Download zip file, unzip the file and click on the Executable file to play!

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